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Roof Insulation installers and distributors of Roof Insulation ISOTHERM Insulation & AEROLITE Insulation for Roofs and ceilings. Distributors in Cape Town and Western Cape region as well as Johannesburg Pretoria Witwatersrand and Kwa Zulu Natal.

Roof Insulation Cape Town have more than 29 Years experience in Eco Friendly Insulation for Homes as well as industrial Insulation for homes office buildings as well as Factory Insulation. All our installers are well trained and fully supervised from beginning to completion on all work done.

Comprehensive Insurance For your peace of mind …All work carried out by Roof Insulation Cape Town is covered by comprehensive insurance so you have peace of mind that your precious belongings are safe should we ever have a problem. And for the record we have never yet submitted a claim.

ISOTHERM Environmentally Polyester Roof Insulation.

  • Dust free allergy free Polyester Insulation
  • Installers and Distributors of Eco-friendly Isotherm Insulation for domestic as well as commercial use.
  • Isotherm Polyester Insulation is one of the most Eco-friendly Insulation products on the market.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles that would be pollution in our environment for a few centuries.
  • Polyester Isotherm Insulation is a proudly South African Insulation Product.
  • This Insulation is Dust free contains no loose fibres and is great to touch and feel. Isotherm insulation and has a great fire rating.
  • ISOTHERM Thermal insulation for Roofs is one of the Cape Provinces most popular Insulation Products.
  • Great Thermal Insulation properties.
  • Isotherm Insulation is also great for sound absorption and reducing noise levels in homes close to main roads as well as noise reduction on Roof Sheeting.
  • Read what our customers have to say.

AEROLITE Roof Insulation

  • Think Pink Aerolite Roof Insulation is the perfect ceiling insulation
    Rolls of Aerolite Roof Insulation

    Aerolite Best insulation for roofs

    for reducing the summer heat in your home and controlling the effects of the freezing cold winters. This will save money on energy.

  • Aerolite can also be used to insulate your geyser. By insulating your geyser with Aerolite geyser blanket insulation as well as insulating your hot water pipes to dramatically reduce the effect of hot water loss. This will save money on energy.
  • AEROLITE ceiling insulation for roofs will save you money on heating and cooling and will pay for itself in a few years.
  • Aerolite ceiling insulation has been household name for many years in South Africa.
  • Environmentally friendly Roof Insulation Products like ISOTHERM Insulation & AEROLITE Roof Insulation helps save energy.
  • South Africa’s mounting energy crisis means that we all need to think of innovative ways to save electricity in our homes and of products that can help you reduce our current electricity usage.
  • Buildings typically account for 40% of all energy consumed in South Africa and yet their potential to save energy is huge.
  • Thermal Insulation must be included in the design of all new buildings.
  • This, in combination with energy saving techniques, makes it possible to save up to 78% of a building’s energy consumption for space heating, cooling and hot water services.
  • The application of this new regulation is good news for the environment and will help you save electricity.
  • By insulating your home you will be able to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout the year, costing you less in the long run, and ensuring the comfort of your family.

Roof Insulation For summer.

  • If you just want to reduce temperature in the home or office, think of installing Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite Roof Insulation
  • With the use of Air Conditioner in summer Eco Friendly Insulation Products Isotherm Polyester Insulation & Aerolite roof insulation will reduce your energy loss and contain the cold air and allowing your air conditioner to work more effectively.
  • Effectively saving on electricity costs. Isotherm & Aerolite insulation will pay for itself in a few years if you are using air conditioners in summer.
  • The cost of retaining the cool air in your home will save electricity saving you money

Roof Insulation For cold winters

  • Roof Insulation Aerolite Ceiling Insulation will reduce the effect of the cold winter chill substantially on its own without heating.
  • The use of heaters or under floor heating or even a fire place in winter in your home or office, Aerolite ceiling insulation will cut down your energy loss and retain the warm air throughout the home or office.
  • Effectively saving on electricity costs. .
  • With the hot air from heating rising in the home all rooms will be affected by the warm air.
  • All cooling and heating options are expensive to run, however the cost drops drastically when used with Aerolite roof insulation

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