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Roof Insulation Cape has been in the Insulation industry for 30 years. We are driven by our passion in the market we know best. We keep massive stock levels so you can bank on the best price for Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite Insulation in South Africa.

Why Insulate with Roof Insulation Cape

Insulating your roof space with Roof Insulation Cape means you have no need to worry, you are in good hands.

  1. Honest reliable information
  2. Comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.
  3. All workmanship supervised from start to finish.
  4. Best-trained staff you will ever find.
  5. All workmanship guaranteed.
  6. We stock all the best Ceiling Insulation products.


Roof Insulation Products



  1. Isotherm Insulation – a polyester insulation manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. Cool in summer and warm in winter save energy.
  2. Isotherm Dust free roof insulation – For your health and safety.
  3. Isotherm Allergy free Roof Insulation – For those of us with allergies.
  4. 30 Year guarantee – Will outlast most homes.
  5. Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles – Eco friendly Ceiling Insulation. 



Aerolite Roof Insulation

Aerolite Roof Insulation

  1. Aerolite Insulation – Asbestos free fiberglass insulation.
  2. Lifespan 15 to 20 Years – many years of energy saving.
  3. Acoustic Insulation – Perfect for noisy neighbors and saving energy.
  4. Aerolite Insulation – Eco friendly manufactured from recycled glass bottles.
  5. Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter – Save energy. For more info


  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Energylite
  • Geyser blankets

Ceiling Insulation benefits

Ceiling Insulation in the form of Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite Insulation achieves the recommended R-value.

Since the new Sans legislation in January 2013 has come into play many homeowners are aware of the benefits.

Isotherm Ceiling Insulation is polyester type insulation. Ideal in homes with down lights as Isotherm is dust free.

Aerolite is fiberglass insulation ideal for homes with no down lights. As there is a little fiberglass dust that may come down through the down lights on windy days.

Installing Ceiling Insulation in your roof will pay for itself in approximately 2 to 3 years. If you are using heating and cooling in the home.

Loft Room Insulation

Loft Room Insulation when installed correctly will make a massive difference in the home.

In these applications side walls as well as the sloped sides and the ceiling must be insulated.

In loft type homes it is unbearable to live in the upstairs part of the home especially in summer and winter.

These homes are freezing cold and hot as hell. When insulated correctly the temperature in the home is fantastic.

Roof Insulation Cape specialize in Loft Room Insulation we have been insulating loft rooms for many years.

How Roof Insulation saves energy

Roof Insulation Saves Energy by reducing the heat flow into the home in summer and winter.

How this works is simple imagine a hot day of say 38 degrees the roof space is like an oven. Temperatures can get up to 60 degrees this is like under floor heating but above your head. Stopping this heat flow will leave your ceiling less than the temperature outside making the home significantly cooler. SLEEP COMFORTABLY.

Standard Roof Installation

Standard Roof Insulation is installing by gaining entry to the home via the trap door. The Roof Insulation is laid flat on the ceiling between the main beams. All wires were possible will be laid above the insulation. All down lights must have breathing holes cut above them, as they could become a fire risk.

Roof form insulation like Isotherm and Aerolite Think Pink is cut slightly wider than the beams so there is a nice tight fit. Remember that insulation not fitted correctly is a waste of money.

One of the reasons why roll form insulation is so much more effective than spray in types is that it does not get blown around in the roof space.

Flat Roof Insulation

Flat Roof Insulation very much like Loft Rooms is pretty much unbearable as well. Roof Insulation Cape has been in the Roofing and Ceiling business for many years so we can insulate most flat roof sections.

Braai rooms in particular are a family room but unbearable Insulating makes this the favorite room in the home.

Lifting alternative sheets fitting the insulation and the re sealing the roof again. Roof sealing is very important, and is done well. Only the best products are used.

Roof Vacuum

Roof Vacuum in Cape Town has been very popular. Many homes have been built many years ago and have massive amounts of unhealthy dust in the roofs. Plastic underlay that has fallen apart is also a big fire hazard as well as old dry leaves.

The Roof Vacuum is mostly to remove old blown in paper insulation that has either absorbed water or damaged the ceiling. Many homes are trying to get this paper blown in insulation out especially as the winter months and the rain approach.

Our Vacuum Machine is massive and they stand outside the home and the rather large pipe goes through the roof. More Roof Vacuum Info

Sound Proofing Options

Sound Proofing is a complicated science as there is no exact answer to many problems. We do however have a very good knowledge of what can be done in most cases.

Night Clubs and pubs are often in the hot seat because of their loud music and we have come to the rescue for many of them. They are the easier ones to solve.

Then there is floor insulation a double story home with wooden floors can be hell to live in when people walk above you. We specialize in this type of insulation as well.

Now we get a lot of calls for sound proofing homes but this is a very difficult one to insulate. If it is airborne sound then certain insulation products like Energylite, Isotherm as well as Think Pink Aerolite will be perfect. Also double glazed windows as well as heavy curtains will do the job.

Best Pricing on Roof Insulation

We undoubtedly have the best possible pricing on Isotherm Ceiling Insulation and Think Pink Aerolite. Our buying in bulk is what keeps our prices as low as they are. Stock levels of all types of Ceiling insulation and branches in Cape Town, Mossel Bay, George, Johannesburg, Pretoria as well as KZN. Our customers can be sure that they will get the best price on any insulation for roofs and walls.

What is the life span of Ceiling and Roof Insulation?

What is the Lifespan of my insulation? This is a question we hear many time. The lifespan of roof insulation depends on the type of insulation.

Isotherm has a 30-year warrantee but it will outlast most homes as it is manufactured from PET plastic bottles. So realistically Isotherm should outlast your home.

Think Pink Aerolite will last 15 to 20 years life span. Even though Aerolite has a 15 to 20 year lifespan it will always keep its fire rating as well.

Blow in Paper insulation has approximately a 5 to 10 year lifespan. Although the insulation is still in the roof the major problem is fire rating seems to fall away. We have noted that the Fire retardants dissipate in the Cape. Wind will also cause the Insulation to blow around in the roof often piling up in one area.

What is the best Roof Insulation?

The Best Roof Insulation in our opinion is Isotherm Insulation and or Aerolite Insulation.

Of all the insulation products on the market for roofs this is our first choice. We have access to many Roof Insulation types, however we will only keep these in stock.

Roof Insulation Cape import insulation products for roofs as well and we import the best available.

Isotherm is dust free and allergy free and it WILL make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Think Pink Aerolite being fiberglass will also making your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Workmanship Guaranteed

All our work is guaranteed we have been around for nearly 30 years. Roof Insulation Cape makes sure all homes that we insulate have supervision from start to finish.

Well-trained staff means you can relax and we do the job right first time.

Sans Legislation / Building Regulations

Sans Legislation is a great effort to improving our big investment. The Sans Legislation is a map of how our homes must be built.

All homes built must comply; window sizes Insulation are all designed to improve the homes energy efficiency.

The Sans legislation covers Roof Insulation window sizes double glazed window and all building work from the ground up. Including wall cavities etc.

What is Roof Insulation R-value?

R-value is the ability of the insulation to reduce heat flow up or down. Insulation must have an up R-value as well as a down R-value.

Make sure you are installing the correct R-value so that you can fully benefit from the Insulation. Importance of R-value 

Installers of Isotherm and Aerolite Roof Insulation in the Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria as well as KZN.




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